Water Management

WATER MANAGEMENT services provided: 

water heater, super heater, secondary containment, heavy hauling, fluid transfer, water storage, c-ring, transfer pump, trash pump,  & water management.
 Oil & Gas, Oilfield Services.

Fort Nelson, Fort St. John, Dawson Creek, Grande Prairie, Peace River, Fox Creek, WhiteCourt, Vermilion,  Bonnyville, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster,  Kindersley, Estevan, Weyburn, Melita,  & Waskada




Rock Solid can coordinate all of your water services from start to finish on your next completion.  Whether to assist in onsite services for your next frac or simply moving water from one location to the next, we can do it all.  Rock Solid can provide water transfer, storage solutions, fluid heating and pumping services. 

Rock Solid supplies patented collapsible bladders for water storage.  The bladders are a very cost effective alternative to conventional steel tanks.  The max volume of one bladder is 600m3, equivalent to 10 – 400bbl tanks.  Bladders drastically reduce the transportation costs compared to 400bbl tanks.  Two bladders can be hauled on our transport system, the equivalent of 20 tanks on a single truck.  For larger volume jobs and on locations where footprint is an issue, Rock Solid has large capacity storage rings available.  Tank volumes range from 9000bbl up to 41,000bbl’s of storage.   Rock Solid can provide the most cost effective options for the specific volumes required.  We can provide any and all storage mediums in conjunction with the others.  This way you don’t pay for additional storage that is not needed and get the cost advantages of all options with a single source.

Working in northern climates we have to keep the water from freezing.  Rock Solid has heaters ranging from 15 million BTU’s to 42 million BTU’s.  Fuel options are also available with diesel, propane or natural gas.  Heat on the fly is also available as heated water can be slip streamed into a cold line to provide blended temperatures at higher rates.  Our biggest heater can do up to 70 deg C temperature rise in a single pass.

Fluid transportation can be accomplished through the use of trucks or line transfer.  Rock Solid can provide the most economical solution to get your water from the source to your well.  Line transfer can be done through aluminum piping, HDPE piping or layflat hose.  Each job is specifically engineered for the season, terrain, topography, required flow rate and other job characteristics.  Our onsite pumping services consist of up to 8” transfer pumps, submersible pumps, flow meters, suction and discharge hose and any required manifolding.


  • Super Heaters
  • Frac Bladders
  • Fluid Transfer Pumps and Hoses